Track. Train. Play. Explore.

Simply attach the WÜF ONE Smart Collar to your pup’s collar and download the app to open up a new world of canine possibilities. This wireless connection enables you to track your pet’s location, monitor its activity, and improve its behavior. All of that means less time worrying and more time adventuring.
Track. Train. Play. Explore.

Snazzy Benefits

Helping modern, mobile dog owners keep tabs on and provide the best care for their furry friends.

WÜF ONE Smart Collar
  • Location

    WÜF uses GPS, 3g Cellular, Bluetooth and an internal compass to keep tabs on your furry friends, clearly and beautifully displayed right in the WÜF app.
  • Training

    WÜF has reinvented the way dog training is conveyed from expert trainer to owner, making it fun, straightforward, convenient and consistent.
  • Activity

    WÜF monitors activity throughout the day and provides an easy to understand score alongside tips for new ways to be active together.
  • Community

    WÜF is creating the world's largest network of dog owners, connected by technology and the goal of being the best dog owners possible.
  • Location Tracking

    Location Tracking

    The WÜF utilizes GPS and Cellular connections to make advanced location tracking possible. This allows you to maintain a closer connection no matter where in the world you and your pup are. Virtual Fences and the Invisible Leash bring even more control.

    Location Tracking
  • Training


    The way we learn how to train our dogs is in need of a refresh. The WÜF app brings a brand new approach, designed specifically for mobile and in conjunction with hardware, that makes it fun, easy and encouraging to fit bite-sized training into your daily life.

  • Activity Tracking

    Activity Tracking

    Every day is different. Sometimes you loaf around, other times you are king of the park! WÜF keeps tabs on it all and guides you towards constructive activities to improve behavior and proper portions of food for each day’s fun.

    Activity Tracking
Water Resistant
The WÜF device is water resistant to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes (IP 67 rated). Perfect for pup swim time.
The electronics are encased in ultra-stiff plastic, sonic-welded to protect against even the toughest canine environment.
Shipping Date
With our Beta Test now underway, we expect to ship the first batch of market-ready units in Fall 2017.
Free Data
Every WÜF device comes with our free "Peace of Mind" Tier of data included. Power users may wish to upgrade to the Premium Tier for more pings.
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Customer Testimonials

Don't Just Take Our WÜF About It

"I have a very stubborn 5 month old pitbull puppy that likes to play Houdini, always trying to run away and get out. Being able to find him in a moments notice and not worry where he is just sounds absolutely perfect."
"We feel we are very in tune with our dogs' personalities but also know we would love to know more about what they feel to help them live more confident, balanced, and comfortable lives. Thank you for your efforts in creating this incredible communication tool."
"I like the combination of off-leash training and gps/activity tracking, and the long-term ideas WUF has for games and improved tracking and analysis... I also love the two-way audio concept for when I'm not at home."
"I have 3 dogs - all different spaniels - love them! I Love the idea of the activity tracking and the location aspect should they get lost. Training sounds super interesting too."
"I like that the WÜF Collar is waterproof and rugged. I want it to survive a hike or a river swim, and ideally quick dry material. I'm also excited about activity tracking and the ability to feel connected to him when I'm working and he's at home or in daycare."