Live Tracking

Your furry pal is always just a tap away with our GPS tracking – complete with 3G coverage in the US and more than 200 countries!

Virtual Fences

With WÜF’s Virtual Fence technology, you can set an invisible boundary around any place that your pup spends a lot of time – simply by tracing with your finger!

Invisible Leash

With the Invisible Leash, you can take your dog anywhere you like - hiking, biking, backpacking, skiing, or just chillin’ in the park.

Health Records

Down the road, your veterinarian can be plugged directly into WÜF data so they can see trends that even the most observant owner might miss.

Activity Tracking

WÜF monitors your dog's activity throughout the day and breaks it down into Low, Medium, High, and Sleep – presented in an easy to understand, daily score!

Invisible Leash

A healthy life starts with a healthy diet! Diet Recommendations from insights based on your dog's age, weight, breed and activity.

2-way Communication

WÜF's built-in speaker opens a multitude of training opportunities – voice commands (sit, stay, down) can be triggered manually at first, and then automatically!

Gamified Training

WÜF is creating an entirely new paradigm in training by making training fun, consistent, and social. Have a new pup? or trying to break bad habits? Let's make training Fun & Easy!

Expert Advice

Within the free WÜF app, you will be able to access informative tidbits, video tutorials, and training activities produced by our own professional dog trainer.


Our activity monitoring will allow us to create a new type of playground where you can chalenege and compete with other dogs and dog owners – all over the world!

Social Network

Our vision is that WÜF will create a new type of network driven by location, dog breed, and how you identify as a dog owner. We'll enable members of the network to share insights, advice, and experiences with their dogs.


Community? Where's the party?!? Community Events will allow you to engage with other WÜF users, while also letting us thank YOU for creating the best community of dog owner's in the world!