Dog Training - Why you need training just as much as your dog!

Dog Training - Why you need training just as much as your dog!

Popular canine coach and celebrity dog training expert, Cesar Millan has over eight million fans on Facebook and shares his techniques on his popular television series on "Cesar Millan's Leader of the Pack," on the National Geographic channel and the "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan."  Here are three of his training principals that every dog owner should remember:


The majority of dog training techniques operate on a "praise and reward" system and severely condemn any sort of negative physical contact as a form of punishment. Millan's methodology is no different. However, his "leader of the pack" methods and mentality provide for the training of the owner and master, as well as the dog. It is not second nature to know how to train a dog, the first step to a "good" dog is training the teacher, i.e. YOU! 


Cesar points out that dogs and humans alike communicate by using energy, which he calls being-ness. Dogs don't speak to each other using words, instead they communicate with the energy they project and activities they share. The same is true with how they interact with humans. Trying to rationalize or reason with a dog using a verbal tirade is worthless since they don't speak English and won't understand your aggression and could respond the same way to you.


Instead, offers Cesar, you must remain calm and assertive, which may take some training on your part. The first thing a newborn pup experiences is the warm, soothing, yet assertive energy received from the mother. Later in life, dogs will follow a pack leader who remains calm and assertive to balance the pack. Your dog is seeking this from you and is looking for you to fulfill that role.

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