GPS Tracking Video & Beta Testing Start Date

GPS Tracking Video & Beta Testing Start Date

Passionate WÜF Followers, 

We have completed our GPS location tracking functionality and have scheduled our Beta Kick-off with our first batch of local Colorado Beta customers. This is a HUGE milestone for the company. We are thrilled with the progress made by our Development Team in overcoming complex technical challenges with creativity and poise.  

This Beta test will officially kick-off about 12 weeks of beta testing.  This testing timeframe will be highly dependent on how things go the continued development of new features for testing, as well as the customer feedback we receive.  If you're a local Colorado Beta tester, you should have already received an email prepping you for the Beta (1st 5 lucky people to respond).  All others on the Beta list will receive notice from us a few weeks before their testing group will begin.  

In the meantime, we wanted to give you a little eye-candy.  It's a rough iPhone video, but it shows the essence of how the GPS functionality works.  (Copy & paste into your browser.)

Team WÜF 


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