Summer 2017 Update

Summer 2017 Update

Whoa, it's August already?! The summer has flown by here at WÜF! We have a lot of important updates to share with you today, including first introducing the voice behind this update!

We are Aaron & Ella, the newest WÜF team members behind this Summer 2017 WÜF Update! You will be hearing from us a lot more over the coming months as we kick off a few new and important chapters of WÜF. 

To make it easy, I actually just shot a short video where, not only do you get to meet Ella up close and personal (she's way cooler than me) but you will also hear me explain more about what the next few months and next few updates will look like from us.

If however, you'd only like the highlights of our update, just keep scrolling past this video and you'll be able to read them in their glorious, digitally inscribed state!

Launching Now: 
WÜF World Advisory Team 
This is a brand new and highly important core group of dog people who are now advising WÜF on a consistent basis. This group consists of the best and brightest dog people who are actively participating in shaping everything about our product, mission and vision to ensure we are creating exactly what the dog community needs and wants most in their daily lives. 

Designing Over The Next Month: WÜF World Builder Program
We believe in order to create the best possible 100 year future for dogs, we must build out our vision and product alongside dogs and their humans to achieve what they want and need most, and empower more people to build with us. While participation in this World Builder Program isn't a requirement, we are excited to announce we will welcome all existing pre-order customers into our WÜF World Builder Program to begin working with us to design a brighter 100 year future for all dogs and their humans through WÜF. Expect to receive your WUF World Builder welcome email coming soon. 

Launching in Mid-September: Next Phase of Private Beta
For everyone patiently waiting who paid to be part of our private beta group, we are happy to announce we will begin shipping all remaining iOS beta devices beginning middle of September to all domestic and international beta partners! Please note this beta version of the WÜF app is available in English only. Those of you with Android will receive yours approx two months after.

Launching in December: Public Beta
Everyone who pre-ordered the WÜF device will FINALLY begin receiving their hardware (I can feel the collective YASSS!) and get access to our WÜF app as part of a larger Public Beta process. The goal of our WÜF World Builder program is to co-create the WÜF World with every WÜF community member and this Public Beta is our first step in this process. Full disclosure: we have received quite a few pre-orders, so everyone will not receive their device immediately, but we will begin shipping to the folks on a first-come-first-serve basis, as we have previously mentioned, beginning in December and will continue to roll out the remaining pre-orders over the following 3-6 months.  

Official WÜF Launch & V1 Release: Summer 2018!
All the details of our official launch are shared within our WÜF World Builder program. For more information, please pre-order the WÜF Device and join our WÜF World Builder program here.

Coming In Our Next Update: 
We'll sit down with our Founder Sean and dive into what the next 100 years of dogs looks like, how we are creating this future with our great dog communities and how our vision and product will set the stage for more meaningful collaboration and service to local and global dogs and their humans who want the very best for them. 


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