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WÜF CEO's Dog's Accident Reaffirms Mission

WÜF CEO's Dog's Accident Reaffirms Mission

Our CEO Sean’s Pitbull, Lala was hit by a car recently and is currently in the animal hospital awaiting surgery. She is really banged up, with her pelvis broken in several places and dislocated from her spine. She is one tough little Pitty tho, and so far is holding up well. With all potential life-threatening injuries having been ruled out, she is ready for surgery. It’s a serious procedure and she’s facing a long recovery period, but thankfully the prognosis does indicate potential for a full recovery. She can be back running, jumping and licking in no time!

While this is a personal tragedy for Sean, many of you have shared your similar experiences with us, sharply reminding us of the need for the product we are building, and further igniting our mission to get it into the world as quickly as possible.

The Invisible Leash, in particular, would have come in most handy as it would have warned Lala via voice commands, high-frequency audio and vibration, to refocus her attention on Sean long before she was in a flat-out sprint, darting across the street in pursuit of a tasty little Prairie Dog. The timing is even more tragic, as it’s literally a matter of days before Lala was set to be the very first beta-tester.

As the CEO and public face of WUF, Sean has set high standards for himself as a model pet owner, feeling the pressure everyday to live up to that ideal. While the occurrence of such an event is embarrassing for Sean, this level of transparency is what we’ve all signed up for as startup founders and Kickstarter creators. The lines between our personal and professional lives are extremely blurred and we would rather stand proudly (if not awkwardly) in front of them, than hide behind them.

We share this with you not to seek your financial commitment, but rather to continue to open up our lives to you, ask for your positive thoughts during this time and suggest that you give your own pup an extra hug and kiss tonight.

If you’d like to read more about Lala’s story, you can visit the Sean’s personal campaign page that he set up to help cover the costs of the surgery

Thanks all for your positive thoughts. Wishing that you and your fur-friends never experience such a sad event!