Winter 2018 Update

Winter 2018 Update

It has been a long few months of us working on our path to move forward and we FINALLY have an update for you all.

Click play to watch our latest video update. Video highlights and timeline available below. 

0:45: Sean intros team, provides company update:

We have been a distributed company from day one, from Paris to Portland to Pakistan.

Building a Hardware Company is incredibly challenging. We aren't simply a plug and play business.

Designing the next phase of dog life with hardware, software and data is no easy or cheap task. In fact, many companies have tried to do what we are doing, with far more resources, but have thrown in the towel. The fact that we are still here speaks to our commitment to creating a quality product, built and shipped to you as soon as possible!

A few of our successes to date include:

Designing and producing four versions of our Hardware, designing and producing five versions of our Software (our App), and everything else that goes into the electronics, mechanical engineering, plastics, design, branding, marketing, sales, financial forecasting and business planning. 

02:50: Fundraising has been our biggest challenge. What we are creating is a risky concept where we are breaking ground in technology and methodologies that have never been done before.

Many of our potential investors have been incredibly excited, but want us to prove it first, making moving forward at any quick speed incredibly challenging. 

Sean has personally put everything on the line for WÜF and our team has been working on a bootstrapped, extremely limited budget for the last 2 years.

05:00:  WUF faced a significant set back last summer with what ultimately amounted to a hostile takeover attempt from someone who had recently joined the company. This person was heavily involved in our fundraising efforts. In fact, we were meant to sign documents to receive our first tranche of funding on the day that the attempt was launched. Sinister stuff really. 

An unfortunate move. Unexpected and to totally unnecessary. We were blindsided by a proposal that effectively meant selling out the vision and going for the easy buck like everyone else.

It was not an easy decision to make, but ultimately required too big a sacrifice to something we care deeply and passionately about, and was therefore declined. It was a blow, but like those prior, it was not fatal. WÜF continues on. 

08:00: Hear from Lilly, our head of Customer Experience and why she is excited about the future of WÜF. 

10:45: Hear for Aaron, current VP of Marketing, sharing insight as an animal advocate about our technology, why it is challenging to build hardware and software, what the future looks like for every dog and dog owner via WÜF.

13:15: Hear from Joe, VP of Hardware, sharing the status of the WÜF Hardware, Electronics, Cellular Service/3G/4G product, Firmware.

18:00: Sean shares more about the how we’re building the smartest dog collar device in the world and how we’re working to stay on the forefront of technological evolution.

19:30: Sean introduces Aaron Blevins as the new CEO of WÜF and announces Sean will move into a Product and Vision role effective immediately. 

Stay tuned to hear from Aaron again over the next 2 weeks with more details on how WÜF is moving forward to raise the additional funds necessary to complete our product, ship the next round of Beta units and ultimately ship V1 of our product. He will also provide deeper product insights, beta testing insights and examples of how WÜF will change dog lives everywhere. 

We know you are all very eager to have WUF on your dog, and we hope you are as excited as we are about the next steps forward! 


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