We are more than just dog lovers.


Like many folks, Sean G Kelly grew up with dogs his whole life. Pumpkin and Murphy were his first babysitters and at age 8, Dingo became he and his sisters’ best friend when they all convinced their parents that they “promised to take care of him”.

From house to house, the Invisible Fence was a mainstay – it’s value a constant among changing circumstances. Recognizing trends in mobile technology like Bluetooth and GPS, Skelly’s lightbulb went off way back in 2009 – “what about a mobile Invisible Fence”?

Through world travels, Wall St., other startups and business school, the idea stayed with him, but it wasn’t until 2012, when his newest family dog Roxie sadly ran away and was hit by a car, that it became a vision and passion he was ready to pursue.

It’s been a winding journey since, with many hurdles to overcome, but with a kick-ass team in place, working towards a groundbreaking vision, it’s full steam ahead from here!

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the World’s Smartest Dog Collar in order to drastically improve the average dog owner’s abilities to communicate with, care for and cultivate an amazing relationship with their four-legged best friend.

Our Vision

WÜF envisions a world in which dogs are happier, dog owners experience less stress and the overall human/dog relationship is strengthened.  This is a world where fewer dogs run away from home, bark all day, pull on the leash, bite, pee in the house or exhibit other perceived “bad behaviors”.


The WÜF Smart Dog Collar’s solutions for location and activity tracking, plus training provide solutions for a much more complete range of the dog-owning experience.  In addition to using the most advanced technology for location and activity tracking, we are developing a ground-breaking approach to training.  Our goal is to present training in a fun, intuitive and rewarding manner, so dog owners are excited to engage in a consistent manner that produces long-term results.

Training Philosophy

Our goal is to build a platform of different training methodologies so dog owners can find a training style that works for them. The options WÜF presents will revolve around positive methods that reward dogs for good behavior and don’t punish dogs for poor behavior.