Our engineering and development continues to progress and we are expecting to have our first Beta units ready in January. We then plan to begin shipping to Beta testers over a 2-3 month period which will help us to identify and resolve any bugs that may arise. Once finalized we will begin agency testing (FCC, CE, UL) and upon approval move into production. Our goal is to begin shipping to all pre order customers in Fall 2017.

Your data subscription for normal data usage is included with your purchase of a WÜF ONE device, so you don't have to worry about ongoing costs.  In the future, we may need to charge customers who have above average data usage, but that will be decided later.  For now, data is included!

Premium features or feature upgrades will be available for additional purchase, likely in the $.99-$9.99 range.

Absolutely. WÜF is available to international customers in over 200 countries and will work via a global 3G chip operating on a variety of international networks. International shipping is available immediately for pre-order customers. As we close in on market launch, we will begin engaging with international distribution partners.

The outside is rigid and contoured, enabling WÜF to fit comfortably around any dog's neck. The inner electronics are encased in ultra-stiff plastic, sealed to prevent damage from the environment your dog will encounter.  This combination allows the collar to be comfy and secure so your dog can get up to all their old tricks and you don't have to worry about breakage or leakage. WÜF is water resistant to normal dog activities and inclement weather conditions. More specifically, this means your dog can be submerged in less than 1 meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes, which should be more than adequate when your dog goes for a quick swim.   

Currently we offer 3 sizes, small, medium, and large, designed to fit on a wide variety of dogs. We do not recommend WÜF for dogs with a neck circumference below 11". Please refer to this chart for breed specific average neck sizes. We also suggest you measure your own dog's neck as this can vary significantly from dog to dog. Once you have measured your dog's neck and taken a look at the width of his or her own collar, you'll know exactly which size is right for you using this chart

With our unique product design and a variety of sizes, WÜF is designed to work throughout your dog's life. We plan to offer a "Puppy Package" that will allow you to simply change the device housing as your puppy grows while keeping the same electronics.

The WÜF Collar uses the same technologies that are found in your smart phone. Just as a smartphone is safe next to your ear, the collar is perfectly safe to be around your dog's neck. In fact, the collar is even safer because its main communication is via Bluetooth Low Energy, which has been shown to have no measurable harmful effects on our bodies. Further, the transmission of data is made in small, scheduled increments, so there isn't the kind of prolonged exposure to radiation you would experience if you were on a long call on your cell phone.


The WÜF collar can track your dog's location in the US and 200+ countries.  WÜF uses GPS and 3g cell service to communicate with the collar and send alerts. If you have 3g cell service in the area where you want to use the collar, you're set.  If you live in a place with poor reception, WÜF may have trouble getting a signal.  In that case, it will send out location coordinates once a new connection is established. 

Virtual Fence: The virtual fence relies only on GPS reception and therefore, the dog's collar just needs a clear view of the sky to work properly. This means, we should be able to see your dog if he or she is running through the trees, but if they are deep within a cave, we won't be able to spot them.  If your dog gets out of your virtual fence, but your cell phone is out of a coverage range, the virtual fence will still issue commands to your dog to return.  However, you won't be able to receive the alert until you and your dog are in cell phone range.  

Alerts and 2 way audio: These features rely on cellular coverage only, so if you're in a 3g coverage zone, you're set!  

Invisible Leash and Training: These features use Bluetooth technology and the maximum range is expected to be around 100 feet.

At launch, we expect the battery life to be over 1 Day. However, we are continuing to optimize our technology to achieve 3+ days as soon as possible.

Our product charges via micro-USB. We'll send you a cord that plugs into any standard USB port, unless you don't need it.  Our company is pursuing multiple green initiatives, one of which is to reduce electronic waste, so we don't want to send you electronic connectors that you already have!   

The battery is like a cell phone battery and as such it is designed to last for the life of the product.